Before/During Pics

I haven't taken "official" during pics, but here of pictures taken at various times over the past year or so.
This was me with my mom at my graduation from graduate school in May 2010.  I was my heaviest here at ~ 334lbs
Fourth of July 2010 - Again at my heaviest ~334lbs

The day we closed on our new home - May 2011.  I was ~313lbs here

During our house warming party July 2011 - I was ~291 lbs
August 2011 ~285lbs
October 2011 ~267lbs
Christmas 2011 ~249lbs
End of January 2012 (1 yr into my weight loss journey) ~240lbs
February 2012 ~235lbs

March 2012 ~228lbs

April 2012 ~225lbs
May 2012 ~215lbs
Bathing Suit Before/ After - June 2012  ~210lbs