Friday, September 14, 2012

DC Color Run Review

I know I'm way late getting this up.  It's been a crazy week at work.

Anyhow, last Sunday was The Color Run in DC.  They held it in the National Harbor and I'd heard a lot of buzz about another race held there back in the Winter that went horribly awry, so I was a bit weary.  It was VERY well organized.  I got there extra early just to make sure, but even people that got there at the last minute said things were smooth.

The start was between buildings.  I'm sure the people that live in those buildings were not thrilled with all the people there that early on a Sunday with the music and such, but it worked for the race logistics.

Running through the color stations was a lot of fun, but I definitely inhaled more colored corn starch than is probably recommended!

The run was fun, but these color throws at the after party were probably the most fun part of the whole event!  There was tons of energy and excitement.

Blue Color Zone

Orange Color Zone

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