Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In 9/8/12

Weigh-in: 195.2 - Down 1.6lbs - Down 139.4 overall 
I was away last weekend and didn't get to make a post.  I was down 0.6 before I left and down another 1lb this week. I'd always like to see it go faster, but I have to live a little too.  Being out of town (and a little too close to Sweet Frog) was not good for me last weekend.  I tried to get back in the saddle this week, but still struggled a little.  I'm just happy to see a loss and I can also see a change in my shape here lately, so that's a positive.

High of the Week: Going away over the long weekend.  We just went to a local mountain resort, but it was nice to get away and have some time to relax.  We went on a scenic chairlift ride up into the mountains and spent some time at a huge indoor water park.

Low of the Week:  Returning to work after a long weekend - it's always rough!  My September calendar is out of control.  I'll be all over the state and even one trip out of state for work.  The nights away make it hard to keep my exercise routine and eating habits in check, so I'll have to be extra conscious of my decisions this month!

Best Work-Out:  I am doing the Color Run in DC TOMORROW!!  That meant that my long run either had to be added on top of this or moved.  I decided it'd be easier to move it.  I put in 6 miles before work yesterday!  I can't believe that I did a long run and then went to work.  It's not that they wipe me out, but I'm just not a morning person and to get up that early to run and then still work a full day.  It felt like an accomplishment.

Photo of the Week: 
Pictures from last weekend - it was a little foggy/rainy during our stay.

For real!  Nothing feels better than running off the stress of a rough day!
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