Sunday, August 19, 2012

One-derland and my Fitness Re-assessment

Weigh-in: 198.4 - Down 3.6lbs - Down 136.2 overall 
I FINALLY got under 200 after teetering there for a couple weeks!  My weight begins with a 1 for the first time since my age also started with a 1!!  It's all a bit surreal for me, but I'm excited to have finally crossed this milestone.

I went in for my fitness reassessment yesterday morning as part of my wellness program at the gym.  I have these reassessments every three months and it tests both my cardiovascular and strength as well as some other health stats.  I still max out the leg press (400lbs) which means that I can leg press twice my body weight!!  I also almost maxed out the cardio test!  I think I will max it out at my next one.

At the end of my assessment, they enter all my stats in a computer program and I get a nice little print-out showing my progress.  I wish I had started this program when I first started my weight loss journey because it'd be great to see the stats of my progress from the beginning.  Now I just have them from the beginning of March.  Since then, I've lost 35lbs, almost 12" from my waist, and 6" from my hips.

The other thing that I like about my results is that it gives me an analysis of body fat vs. lean body weight.  I started at 40.5% fat and I'm down to 34.2%.  My lean body weight is 132lbs - meaning that if I had absolutely not one single pound of fat on my body, I'd be 132lbs.  Seeing this made me realize that I needed to re-evaluate my goal weight.  I know I've talked on here before about my changing goals, but I've never had much basis for my goal other than the BMI charts, which can be pretty useless since they don't take into account body composition.  

So, after looking at what healthy body fat percentages are and doing some math based on my current lean body mass, I've come up with a new goal.  Lean body mass can/will decrease as I lose weight, but it shouldn't go down too much more.  Athletes have between 14% and 20% body fat - I'm optimistic, but not delusional - I know I'll never fall into this category.  "Fitness" is between 21% and 24% and then Average is 25% to 31%.  I'd like to see myself in the fitness category, but I won't beat myself up if I am in the lower end of average.  If my lean body mass doesn't change, 24% would be 174lbs.  I figure it will go down some, so I've changed my current goal to 167.3 - it's a bit of an odd number, but it is half of my previous weight - I will be HALF the person that I used to be if I can make it to there.  I realize that this will put me on the high end of BMI and even a little into the overweight category, but obviously that's not always the most accurate indicator of fitness!

I promise I'm going to leave my goal weight alone until I reach my first goal and then I can re-evaluate!

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