Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In 8/12/12

Weigh-in: 202.0 - Up 1.8 lbs - Down 132.6 overall 
I was hoping to not see a gain this week, but somewhat expecting it anyway.  I don't like seeing a gain and it sucks since I was so close to a milestone, but I enjoyed my little mini-vacay with my friends and don't regret that.  I just have to get back at it, workout harder and eat better.

High of the Week: Coming home to my pets?  Maybe...  I don't want to say this week has sucked totally, but I've been dreaming about moving back up North all week and dreading seeing a gain on the scale, so I don't really know what my "high" is.

Low of the Week:  Coming back to work after vacation!  Sometimes it feels like it's not even worth it to leave because of everything I have to catch up on after returning, but then I remember how much I enjoyed myself while I was gone.  My sunburnt legs also made it hard to get motivated to workout this week...

Best Work-Out:  I got an awful sunburn on my legs before I left Massachusetts, so I didn't run much this week.  I did go to the 30/30/30 Interval class at the gym yesterday.  It was my second time and it really kicks my butt and the time flies.  I am trying to change up my routine a little more because I've been majorly slacking on my strength training!

Photo of the Week: 
Getting ready for my Sunday long run!  My new favorite outfit...if only I had hot pink running shoes to match ;)

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  1. Where are those capris from? They're really cute!

  2. Thanks :) They are under armour. I picked them up at the outlet a few weeks ago. They come in a few other colors also!