Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In 8/5/12

Weigh-in: 200.2 - Down 0.6lbs - Down 134.4 overall 
I was traveling all week last week and took off again over the weekend, so I weighed-in on my one morning home last week - Thursday.  Last Wednesday made 18 months that I've been at this and I was really hoping to inch into the 100s, but I didn't quite make it.  I just got home this evening (the 6th) and I won't dare step on the scale after the weekend I've had.  I'll have to keep really busy this week to make up for all the enjoyment of this weekend!

High/Low of the Week:  My high and low are one in the same this week - TRAVEL!  I got to visit Nashville, TN for work at the beginning of the week, which was fun.  I spent Monday night in Baltimore, MD before my early flight Tuesday.  I was in Nashville all day Tuesday and Wednesday before heading back home Wednesday evening.  Then I took off again Thursday mid-day to visit my friends in Massachusetts.  I really enjoy traveling and seeing different things, but it throws off my healthiness schedule.  Workouts aren't the same and eating is definitely not the same.  I try to make healthy choices and still fit in workouts, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't indulge!!

Best Work-Out:  Although I was traveling, I did get in a couple of good runs.  I set out for a 3.5-4mi run in Nashville on Wednesday morning, but ended up getting lost and went about 4.5 by the time I found my way back to my hotel.  Friday, I also woke up to run at my friend's house and set out for a run.  I thought I had a good route picked out for another 4ish mile run, but my turn to loop back to the house never seems to come...about 6.7 miles later, I made it back.  Unfortunately, I hurt my ankle during that run, so I was sidelined for the rest of the weekend.  I tried to keep moving, walking around shopping, swimming in the pool and the ocean, etc.

Photo of the Week: 
I'm a blog failure!  We brought the camera with us to Massachusetts, but managed to leave it home on all of our outings, so I have no pics until our friends send them to me.

never. ever. ever.
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