Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In 5/13/12

Weigh-in: 218.6 - Down 0.6lbs - Down 116.0 overall
I didn't have a big loss this week and I expected that.  I had a big loss last week and this week was crazy at work.  I worked late a couple nights and missed a some of my workouts - I also tend to snack on bad things when I get stressed.  I am hoping to get back on track this week, but it's probably going to be crazy again at work - I will just have to be more mindful of my snacking and try to get in my workouts!  I forced myself to not track this week and I felt pretty good about it - I don't think my lack of tracking contributed to my small loss.  I knew that I was not eating well and it wouldn't be a big week - I actually thought I might have gained (glad I didn't though!)  Going to try to stick with not tracking and see how it goes.

High of the Week:  I CAN RUN AGAIN!!  I am easing back into it and trying not to hurt myself.  I went out for a run Monday night and I ran on the treadmill Thursday night.  I have definitely lost some endurance :(  I'm just happy to be able to run again and not be in so much pain!  I still haven't been able to get in to see the Dr.  I was supposed to go next Friday, but they cancelled my appointment.  I might just go straight to the Ortho to get checked out rather than wasting time at my PCP.

Low of the Week: Work is crazy stressful right now and I have been a little de-railed in my healthiness (missing workouts and eating sweets).

Best Work-Out: I had a good personal training session yesterday morning.  Then I proceeded to come home and mow my yard that was severely overgrown due to the off/on rain that past 2 weeks!  I spent 3 hours mowing (push mower on an acre w/ major hills!)  Online calorie estimators put it at around 1300-1600 calories burned in that time !  Holy cow - that is more than I normally eat in a day!  So, I gave myself free-reign on my eating for the rest of the day (maybe not the best idea, but I felt like I earned it!)

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