Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In 5/5/12

Weigh-in: 219.2 - Down 2.6lbs - Down 115.4 overall
I  tried to not track this week, but it seems that I'm too attached to it.  I don't even really need to because I already knew whether I was going to be over/under and what I needed to do to balance it out, but I just went to my spreadsheet every night and entered it anyway.  Whatever I'm doing, it continues to work - I'll just let the details and little things fall into place as I go...

High of the Week: My partner and I had our 5th anniversary last weekend, but delayed going out to celebrate until this weekend since my dad was up last weekend.  Today also marks 1 year since we closed on our first house!  To celebrate both occasions, we went to one of our favorite places today - The Melting Pot!  It was delicious.  I did not even bother trying to calculate the points for my meal - I know it was outrageous, but totally worth it!  I know that I got in lots of fruit, veggies and protein - we'll just ignore all the fat and carbs that were also included ;)


Low of the Week: I've been in a bit of a rut all week long.  I'm really bummed about my knee problems and not being able to run.  I was really getting into it and it's been 3 weeks since I really got to run.  My hip has also started to act up - presumably due to my putting more pressure on it to relieve my knee.  I did finally call the Dr., but couldn't get an appointment until the 18th.  I'm hoping for good news, but I'm afraid that he's going to tell me not to run anymore.  We've had some really great weather the past couple weeks, but I've been sticking to the elliptical.  I have walked some, but that is just more frustrating for me.  I think the hardest part for me is knowing that I did this to myself.  I have had knee problems for a while due to my weight and now that I want to do something good for myself (running), I can't because my cartilage is already worn down from my years of obesity - it makes me mad at myself!

Best Work-Out:  Tuesday night, I hit the elliptical for 45 minutes and came close to my highest burn yet - 1020 calories.  I can tell that I'm losing some of my stamina from not running, but I powered through this workout and felt pretty good about it afterward :)

Photo of the Week:
My date night outfit :)

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