Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In 7/15/12

Weigh-in: 205.0 - Down 0.4lbs - Down 129.6 overall
I guess I can't have big losses every week.  I wasn't great with my eating this week, so I guess that's why I stayed pretty much the same.

High of the Week:  Finishing my 10K yesterday was the highlight of my week.  I really had myself psyched out over it and I don't know why.  I felt great during it and ran the whole thing, which is impressive because I even took walk breaks during my last 5K.  Now I'm already looking into other 10Ks and 15Ks to do this fall :)  

After my 10K, I showered and headed to the mall (the malls around me are lame, so I always take the opportunity to shop when I'm out of town!)  Gap was having some awesome sales - I got some nice Gap Fit clothes for the winter on super clearance ($10 for tights and $7 for a long sleeve tech shirt!).  I also got a nice hot pink shirt to go with the hot pink capris I got at the outlets a couple weeks ago! I can't wait to wear this outfit, but both are still a little snug - soon, though!!

Low of the Week: We found out that we can't go to the beach next week like we planned, which is a bummer - we were both looking forward to it.  I was really looking forward to running on the boardwalk again!  We're going to try to reschedule for August, though.

Best Work-Out:  
I had a strong week running my last few training runs.  I also had a good one-hour personal training session Wednesday night.

Photo of the Week:
I don't know if I'm the only one who does this, but I keep a drawer full of clothes that don't quite fit yet.  I often buy things that are a couple sizes small if I find a good deal.  I've built up quite a little stockpile.  When I got home from the Gap, I added my new winter things that I'd bought a size down in anticipation of being smaller in the winter to the drawer.  I decided to go ahead and go through and try on some of the stuff that was in there waiting on me.  I have jeans in sizes 11, 12, 13, and 14 in there.  I had bought 2 pairs of size 12 Calvin Klein jeans from Goodwill a long time ago (when I was maybe a size 20?) in hopes that I might one day fit into them.  I tried them on when I first go them and they didn't even come up over my legs.  Well, yesterday, I tried them on and they FIT!!!  I have not been in a 12 since I was in High School, so I was ecstatic!  While I was out shopping, I also stopped in Express - a store I have not even dared to enter since High School and found that their 12s almost fit and their large tops also fit!  I'm getting really excited that I can shop in regular stores - it's a great feeling!
I had to be my own photographer this week, so I apologize for the lame mirror pics.  I'll admit that they are still a little snug, but they fit!!
The "next size" drawer after I hung up the things that fit now!  Although my CK 12s fit, my Lucky 14s do not.  It's crazy how much difference there can be in designers.

Anyone else keep stockpiles of clothes that are too small for them??


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  1. Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog and you are so inspiring! I'm training for my first 10k right now. Glad yours went well!