Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In 7/8/12

Weigh-in: 205.4 - Down 2.2lbs - Down 129.2 overall
These are the kind of weeks I like to see!  I know they can't all be like this, but I'm closing in on One-derland and I'm a bit anxious to get there :)  August 1 will make 18 months and that's the date I'm shooting for to be under 200!  I think it's doable if I don't hit any plateaus

High of the Week:  Although Fourth of July fell on a Wednesday this year, which I think is a bit lame, it was still a nice relaxing day for me.  I exercised good self control at the family cook-out and focused on the healthier things to eat, but still let myself enjoy the food.  I'm feel like I'm doing well finding the balance in life.

Low of the Week: Being without power for 3 days was HORRIBLE.  I never want to repeat that ever again, but I know that it is probably inevitable.  We did finally get power back sometime Monday (after it went out on Friday at 9pm).  The storm hit quickly and we were not adequately prepared.  We learned a few lessons from this, though, and have started a "survival kit" of sorts.
Starting over in the freezer - The only thing that made it were my VitaTops, PopIce and the pack of hot dogs we bought during the outage.

Best Work-Out:  I didn't get to talk about it last week due to the power problems, but I did a 6 mile training run (on the treadmill) last Saturday.  Unfortunately it was too hot for me to run outside (I'm a major wimp when it comes to the heat), but it was exciting to run 6 whole miles when I know I couldn't even run 6 whole minutes a few months ago.  I love seeing my endurance grow.  I was supposed to do a 7 miler yesterday, but postponed it until today due to some calf muscle tightness.

Photo of the Week:

No picture of me this week.  I was supposed to get a pedicure for my birthday last weekend, but we didn't go due to the power outage/crisis.  I went this weekend and I'm really in love with this color :)

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