Friday, March 9, 2012

Couch to 5k (and new workout clothes!)

I've mentioned before about joining my health insurance's awesome weight loss program. I was finally approved and got to start at the health & wellness center (we don't have regular gyms out here in the sticks) in my area this week!  I did the intake Tuesday evening where they do all my baseline stats - I probably should have paid better attention, so that I could report here.  I know I was able to do 20 "modified" push-ups (I call them girl push-ups - I think he was just being nice) and about 12 sit-ups, but I don't remember the measurements.  I haven't gotten a chance to schedule my personal trainer sessions yet, but I get something like 2 hours per month - broken down to 30min a week - which is not a bad deal!

Until I start working with my trainer, I'm a little intimidated by all those weight machines.  Aside from the trainer, one of the main reasons I wanted to join was so that I could have access to a treadmill and start the Couch to 5K.  I'm determined to be a runner and I haven't really been able to do C25k outside because my neighborhood is really hilly and I'm not good with keeping track of the times.  The treadmill gives me a nice flat surface with a built-in timer.  It's not the most enthusing activity, but until I've got my mileage up, I'll take it :)

With that said, Couch to 5K is officially underway!!  I went on Wednesday evening and tried Week 1, Day 1 and felt like it was WAY too easy, so I ramped it up to what I thought was the next level - running 2 minutes, walking 1 minute.  Apparently, that is not the next level and I just made it up in my head.  After looking at the schedule, I decided I could probably start with Week 3.  I went back tonight and did Week 3, Day 2.  I felt great afterward and it feels so good to be able to RUN!  I never thought I'd be running.  I don't even think I ran back in high school.

The other exciting thing about joining the gym is that I was able to justify new workout clothes!!  I never thought I'd enjoy athletic clothes so much.  I got:
C9 by Champion® Womens Fitted Capri Pants - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
Two new pairs of capris from Target's C9 collection (these and a plain black pair)
I also bought a blue tech shirt and pink compression tank from Target's C9 collection that I can't find pics of online.

Old Navy was also having a good sale, so I ordered these:
Control Max Tank - I already have one but I was able to order the next size down! 
Compression Tank - A little less compressive than my other tank 

Couldn't leave without a couple new sports bras.   
 I love compression gear - it holds everything in place when I'm doing high impact things like running.  I know I should get more supportive bras for the girls, but they're shrinking and I just can't justify the cost of a really nice one right now.  Between these and the compression tanks, everything stays put pretty well.

Next up - new shoes!!  I've still got to find a good running store around here to get fitted, but hopefully by the end of the month I'll be able to report on pretty new running shoes :)


  1. Hi, I just started following your blog! Doesn't ON have the best workout gear for the prices? I also need a pair of running shoes and plan on getting them in the next couple of weeks. Congrats and being able to jump to Week 3 of the C25k!

  2. I love ON and the prices are great since I plan to keep going down in sizes! I know everyone raves about Lululemon and I'll probably hop on the bandwagon at the end of this journey, but there is no way I'm spending $80 on a pair of pants that will be too big in 6 months or less!

    I attempted C25K last fall and couldn't even do the minute interval, so it's exciting to see how much my fitness has improved in just that little time!

  3. Oh and Welcome! I am following you also! Good luck with C25K :)

  4. I feel the same way about Lululemon. Granted, I don't fit into any of their stuff right now but even if I did, I wouldn't want to invest on $100 pants until I reach my goal. I do hear their stuff is amazing so even more motivation for us!