Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In 3/4/12

Weigh-in: 231.8 -  Down 1.6lb - Down 102.8 overall

High of the Week: Mostly unrelated to my weight loss journey, my high of the week was buying all the materials to tile my basement bathroom at Lowe's yesterday!  We bought our house last May and the basement is framed and drywalled, so it just needs some finishing work.  Our first priority is to get a working bathroom in down there b/c it's a pain to run upstairs when I'm out doing yard work or working out down there.  We had been putting it off due to finances, but finally bit the bullet and bought everything the tile stuff (we have a toilet and the tub was already installed)!  That project will hopefully be underway soon :)  The weight-loss related part is that when we got to the register, the bag of mortar ripped open and I had to run back to the back and get a new one.  As I got back to the register, I looked and it was a 50lb bag and that thing was HEAVY - that's when it dawned on me that I used to carry around twice that on my body - all day, every day!  No wonder my back and knees hurt so bad.  I'm so thankful to not be carrying around that extra weight any more - I'll take hauling 50lb bags of mortar and underlayment compound any day over carry that weight around all day.

Low of the Week:  Well,  I already talked about all my stress this week.  I tried to be good with eating and exercise.  I have this problem where I eat bad stuff to finish out my points when I see that have some leftover (and sometimes when I don't have them leftover, too).  I know, rationally, that that is not what WW is all about, but it's a tough habit for me to break.  I'm aware, though, and that's the first step to making a change.

Best Work-Out:  I got home before my partner on Tuesday and decided to kill some time before dinner by getting on the elliptical (I usually wait until after dinner to workout).  I spent 55 minutes on the elliptical before dinner was done and, according to my machine, burned 1150 calories.  It didn't make up for what I consumed that day, but it still felt good!

Photo of the Week: 
Just before our Saturday afternoon walk with the dogs :)  I know that not one bit of this outfit matches - my workout clothes rarely match since I workout in my house most of the time.
I'm finally starting to see things this way - it's a refreshing change!

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