Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In 3/25/12

Weigh-in: 228.0 - Down 2.0lbs - Down 106.6 overall.
I'm very happy to see the scale go down this week.  I really thought that I'd be in for a long plateau - I know that I'm due for one, but I keep trying to change things up to keep the scale moving (even though I know that the number on the scale is not everything in weight loss, I like to see it move).  I went over my points every day this week - even over my activity points, so I think that maybe I wasn't eating enough.  I've been SO HUNGRY since I started C25K, so I"m just going to work on eating back at least my activity points and maybe a little more if I'm still hungry - I just have to watch that my extra points are legit food and not Easter candy ;)

High of the Week: I did my 20-minute run for Week 5, Day 3 of C25K yesterday (and then continued to see how much longer it would take me to do the rest of the "5K").  I felt amazing to run that much and probably could have gone a little longer, but didn't want to push myself too too hard and end up injured.  As I was leaving, there was an older guy on the recumbent bike near the exit that asked me how long I was on the treadmill and said he was impressed.  It was very sweet and cute and made me feel like a rockstar for doing that run!

Low of the Week: Although I'm loving the warm weather, I had to mow the grass for the first time this week.  It was only March 20th and thanks to all this rain, it looks like I'm going to be mowing again this week once it dries out.  We didn't buy our house until the beginning of May last year, so I don't know when the grass started growing last year - I just KNOW it was not this early.  The upside is that mowing is so much easier this year now that I'm a lot lighter and more in shape, but I'm still not really a fan - I'll probably continue to complain about my big, unruly lawn throughout the spring/summer! 

Best Work-Out:  I'm still loving C25K!  I have been sticking to the treadmill for the most part (because I suck at timing my intervals), but Tuesday was just a really nice day - cool, not too hot or humid - so I headed over to one of the parks near my work that has a 1mi jogging loop and did my run there.  I learned that either A) the loop or treadmill miscalculates mileage or B) I run way faster outside - I was doing 12:xx miles!  I'm inclined to think that I run faster outside because I notice that I struggle more with my breathing, which I know I need to work on.  Now that there are fewer walk intervals and it's nicer outside, I'm going to try to do more outside :)

Photo of the Week:

Still a mile!
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