Friday, April 20, 2012

Breaking up with the Xs

Thanks to an office move, I had today off from work!

My partner and I woke up early and brought our precious little house guest from this week back to her parents.  It's always fun having another puppy around the house :)

After that, we decided to take advantage of the day off and some good coupons and hit the Outlet Mall!

We browsed around Nike and found that nothing was really that great of a discount.  Then we headed over to my FAVORITE outlet - the Gap outlet.  I always find great deals there and I had an extra 30% off everything.

I got a super cute dress, PJ shorts, tank top, Black Jeans, Dress pants and a t-shirt - all for crazy cheap!

After that, we went over to the Old Navy Outlet - I'd never seen an Old Navy Outlet before.  I wasn't real impressed with their prices, but they did have a decent clearance section and I was able to get a hoodie and tank top, plus 30% off and a cute tote during a special promotion :)  I walked out spending under $10!
The chihuahua totally photobombed me!

Anyhow, on to the point of my post.  It's no secret that I love shopping!  I have always loved shopping.  Even when I was big, I still loved to shop - sometimes it wasn't fun when things didn't fit right or I couldn't find pants that worked for my shape, but I'm a girl who loves to shop.

I am super excited that NOTHING I bought today had an X in the size!  For the first time in my life (that I can recall), I don't have to buy clothes that are X sizes.  I have slowly worked my way from a 4X (pushing 5X) down to a L in most things and a M in some!

I have been buying Ls and Ms a little here and there, but I think this is my first shopping trip where I didn't buy a single XL or above.  There are certainly a few items that won't fit yet (I bought that hoodie in a medium to wear when fall rolls around) or that are a little snug, but will work until I lose a few more pounds.  I also know that Old Navy and Gap tend to vanity size, but I am A-OK with that for right now ;)

We did go to the American Eagle outlet also and I tried on a couple shirts in XL that were too snug (and too low cut!) for my liking, but I don't count those because I consider it Junior's sizing and I can't hold myself to those standards :p

Does anyone else stockpile clothes in sizes they don't yet fit?  Sometimes I feel a little crazy.  I have jeans all the way down to size 12 (that I bought when I was a size 20).  I don't buy too many shirts these days b/c it's hard to tell what season it will be when I hit certain sizes.

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